Monday, July 20, 2009

How could i not realize that I didn't post in JUNE!!!

Layla's BIRTHDAY!!! That's what I didn't post about :)
We ended up having 2 parties for the little dear. One in the park close to our home and another at my Nana's since she really can't be outside at all these days.

She got a lot of great little gifts and a lot of love all around her. My friend Jess and I made an awesome cake that I was really proud of! and the whole thing was really a time to celebrate the miracle of Layla!

John made her a tounge drum, which she thoroughly enjoyed and she got a lot of baby dolls, which are her current favorite!

SO, it's been a long while sine I last wrote...

Life has a way of keeing you busy. Which is a good thing, but sometimes it's nice to just slow way down and enjoy... ya know.


Lydia had her first Vacation Bible School Summer!! She really enjoyed it. All the songs and the friends. I think she wanted it to go on forever! And who could blame her. She really touched me. They gave us a CD at her 2nd Bible School of ALL the songs that they learned and she did a mini-program for us. She did all the motions and sang so pretty. They talked a lot about Jesus dying on the cross and she kept saying "This is sad, but God saved us!" and she was excited about it. It was really something to see a little 4 year old so sure of herself. She is all about Love and sharing that love with everyone she meets. I am so proud!

Besides that... John's Rock Band, Confined to Being, had their first show. It was small. But they had a great time and did the best of the 4 or 5 bands that played... and pulled in the BIGGEST crowd! It was fun seeing them play. They will be playing again in August and I intend on being there. I'm so proud of him!

And... Hmm... I know we've been up to more than that, but those have a been a couple highlights. :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer as much as I am!