Monday, July 20, 2009

How could i not realize that I didn't post in JUNE!!!

Layla's BIRTHDAY!!! That's what I didn't post about :)
We ended up having 2 parties for the little dear. One in the park close to our home and another at my Nana's since she really can't be outside at all these days.

She got a lot of great little gifts and a lot of love all around her. My friend Jess and I made an awesome cake that I was really proud of! and the whole thing was really a time to celebrate the miracle of Layla!

John made her a tounge drum, which she thoroughly enjoyed and she got a lot of baby dolls, which are her current favorite!

SO, it's been a long while sine I last wrote...

Life has a way of keeing you busy. Which is a good thing, but sometimes it's nice to just slow way down and enjoy... ya know.


Lydia had her first Vacation Bible School Summer!! She really enjoyed it. All the songs and the friends. I think she wanted it to go on forever! And who could blame her. She really touched me. They gave us a CD at her 2nd Bible School of ALL the songs that they learned and she did a mini-program for us. She did all the motions and sang so pretty. They talked a lot about Jesus dying on the cross and she kept saying "This is sad, but God saved us!" and she was excited about it. It was really something to see a little 4 year old so sure of herself. She is all about Love and sharing that love with everyone she meets. I am so proud!

Besides that... John's Rock Band, Confined to Being, had their first show. It was small. But they had a great time and did the best of the 4 or 5 bands that played... and pulled in the BIGGEST crowd! It was fun seeing them play. They will be playing again in August and I intend on being there. I'm so proud of him!

And... Hmm... I know we've been up to more than that, but those have a been a couple highlights. :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer as much as I am!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Toddler Bound :( :)

I woke up this morning, ready for a photoshoot with Layla, my loyal little model. She just started standing and walking a few steps and I thought It would be fun to get some shots of her standing, so big... well, she had other plans. She does this thing were she stands up, pushes her chest out and yells at you in this deep burly voice ;) And she looks like some kind of gorilla. It's really cute, but that's all she would do, and she kept, literally, walking away from the shoot. I was too busy laughing to get too upset, but I put her down for a nap, the kids settled in to watch a couple PBS shows and it all hit me... that my time for swadling babies is over... at least for a while. That Layla is toddler bound and too busy to be a baby. It's exciting but a little sad too. It's odd how things hit you like that.
Anyway, since Layla wouldn't, here came Roost (who NEVER wants photos done) and he says "take my picture mommy"... which thrilled me. It was a sloppy shoot, in his PJs but it meant a lot to me. He is my cuddley one... and he seems to always know when I need a pick me up. I love my kids, I am just such a lucky Momma.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The weather has been odd the last few days. Kind of rainy, kind of nice and humid as well. It makes it hard to really enjoy the outdoors as much as I would like.

Tonight before bed, as Lydia was looking so longingly at the front yard -- see here -- I knew I had to let them play a little.

Rooster and I doodled with some sidewalk chalk, Layla made a lot of noise and Lydia diligantly weeded the flower bed of "helicopter trees" it was nice just smelling the flowers and ready-to-rain air. I live for moments like this.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

got a new 'backdrop' today... a table cloth actually... and i am so tickled with it. I wish I had a grey one like this... and a nice bright teal blue... then I'd be happy! No, I'm happy now but I was quite tickled with these results!

Plus Layla is an awesome little model, that helps. I found Lydia's old hat and it "almost" fits Layla. It made a nice touch. It's only 2 photos, but I think they came out nice and I enjoyed it. She's such a fun girl. All my kids are pretty fun, I'm awfully lucky.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cook Pot, Bathtime and Editing Practice

Thought I'd kill 3 birds with one stone today. I had been wanting to practice some of the editng tech. I have learned on, and also use my antique cook pot in some bath-tub shots. I figured Layla needed a good bath and since I had the time, I might as well fill it full of water and let her play and get clean while of took some photos. It was fun watching her, and she was VERY into it ;)

All 3 of the kids were awesome today. We had fun and they were really well-behaved, always a plus! It's days like this when ANYone would want to be a mommy. I'm truely blessed.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Little Friends

So after the parade Doug and Annie (our friends who live just a street or 2 over) asked us over for a cook out. They havea little boy, named Caleb who is about the same age as our Layla. They played the evening away in this great big dirt pile in the backyard. It was nice seeing them so happy. :)

I've never been one for "friends" outside of family... but, the truth is, every once in a while it's nice to just kick back and enjoy the day with great friends. People who have seen you... in a lot of times.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Opening Day

Camden's Opening Day Parade came through twon today. My brother, Jake, right behind the leading police car carrying the American Flag. How cool. I am so proud of him. He is just so smart and kind and driven. He really amazes me.

I tried my best to get a few photos for my Mom, but we were all being pelted by handfuls of candy. It was funny, and I enjoyed it for the most part.

Layla was happy to be in the stroller... and Rianna and her boyfriend Wes offered a lot, to take them for trips around the block.

I have such a great family.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hopewell Church

While John was playing music in Boston Indiana yesterday, the kids and I took a quick trip over to Hopwell Church near Hueston Woods State Park. It's about 10 minutes from our house.

I have always loved it, it's a one room church that was built around 1808 and I've even attended on occasion. It's so simple and so lovely that I really wanted to capture it and my kids with it. It feels like it just oozes with memories, mine... my families... other families... so much History. Anyway, the kids loved it too.

I think it's a real tradgedy to live in a place and become numb to it's riches. Preble County may not be fancy... but it's full of gems, like this church.

It was close to evening, the light was nice and the weather outside was just right. The kids had a lot of fun and so did I. Maybe we can go back sometime soon... maybe even in the Autumn.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring Rain

Today it rained. It's been staying in the mid 80's and to be totally honest I was not loving it. I am a mild weather kind of girl. And I like a little rain.
Well, it rained today so I strapped the 2 little ones in the double stroller and told Lydia to put on her rainboots. We walked around town and I let her take photos of all the colorful flowers. She likes that, and so do I. Our own yard was quite pretty, rain droplets on the plants and the lilac bush just wafting it's scent with every slight breeze. The rain had all the bees under cover too. It was just perfect.
The kids were wild today and getting out of the house was a nice breather for all of us.
I hope you are all enjoying your Spring.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


My little man is growing up so fast. Sometimes too fast. But I'm enjoying it all. 2 is a fun age. They are learning so much, becoming more independent and speaking clearer. It's amazing how they transform. He is showing real progress with the potty training and is learning his boundaries much better as well. Seems like he gets in less and less trouble every week. Which is wonderful.
Yesterday he came to me, in the morning, and said "Mommy, Take Picture of Me!" He was so excited. So, in his shorts and bedhead we rushed to the photo room and took a few shots. It was fun since usually he won't let me. They came out nice, but I was faced with how big he has gotten, and as usual that hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm just so glad I am at home and not missing all these little blessings.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lydia Marie

Lydia has changed so much this Spring. She's going from a toddler to a child. She's my liittle lady. She's just smarter everytime I turn around. I can't believe my Baby is about to start school... it's all went by too fast.

Layla Grace

Layla is growing like a little weed these days. She's up to about 3 and a half teeth and I'd swear she gets a pound bigger a day. Since her surgery last February she has really turned into a whole new baby. She's so happy and so full of life. It's hard to believe she was ever so sick. All the proof we even have is just that tiny little scar beside her belly button. Kids are so reziliant. They just take everything as it comes and never slow down. It blows my mind.

I have a feeling she's going to be walking soon. She's getting pretty brave, and standing without holding on to anything for longer and more frequent. But, she still prefers to be packed on a hip.

I'm really looking forward to the rest of spring and then Summer with her. She just is so ready to explore.

End of the Spring Holidays

Easter was a blast this year. All 3 of the kids enjoyed the great weather, egg hunting and making some "yucky" desserts, like dirt pudding.
Lydia was sweet this year, at each egg hunt she purposley overlooked eggs so that her little brother and sister could get them, and traded plastic eggs for real ones. She loves boiled eggs! And Rooster, well, he was just on a mission. I don't think it was even about the candy... it was more about the thrill of the hunt. He is such a boy. And Layla, she preferred mud to candy this year, but I think her first Easter was a success... and one that I will enjoy thinking of.
I hope all of you had great Easter's, and that you have many more ahead of you.
Peace and Love.

Hello All

Spring is here, and with all the cleaning and sorting I'm doing I also decided it was time to get to work on this Blog that I have been meaning to start.
So here goes...
My Name is Johnna, I'm the Mom and Wife of this little family. John is my Husband and we have 3 great kids; Lydia, John "Rooster" III and Layla.
We live a modest and simple life, no frills, but that allows us the freedom to immerse ourselves into our kids and into our life and just enjoy eachother while we can. I'm a stay at home mom and while anyone who does it KNOWS how hard it can be, it is the most rewarding job I have ever had the blessing of taking part in. I enjoy photography and writing and my husband plays in a few local bands. I feel pretty good that our children will not only see a traditional lifestyle and marriage, but that they will see the arts in action.
Anyway, hope to keep up to date on this... enjoy reading.
Peace and Love to all...