Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Toddler Bound :( :)

I woke up this morning, ready for a photoshoot with Layla, my loyal little model. She just started standing and walking a few steps and I thought It would be fun to get some shots of her standing, so big... well, she had other plans. She does this thing were she stands up, pushes her chest out and yells at you in this deep burly voice ;) And she looks like some kind of gorilla. It's really cute, but that's all she would do, and she kept, literally, walking away from the shoot. I was too busy laughing to get too upset, but I put her down for a nap, the kids settled in to watch a couple PBS shows and it all hit me... that my time for swadling babies is over... at least for a while. That Layla is toddler bound and too busy to be a baby. It's exciting but a little sad too. It's odd how things hit you like that.
Anyway, since Layla wouldn't, here came Roost (who NEVER wants photos done) and he says "take my picture mommy"... which thrilled me. It was a sloppy shoot, in his PJs but it meant a lot to me. He is my cuddley one... and he seems to always know when I need a pick me up. I love my kids, I am just such a lucky Momma.

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